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March Blog: Financial Planning 101 for Estheticians - Part Two: Banking and Emergency Funds

Let's explore the basics of financial planning. This week includes the reasons to open Business Banking Accounts and how to create an Emergency Fund.

The Basics of Financial Planning for Estheticians

  1. Identifying your financial goals

  2. Creating a budget

  3. Open a business checking and savings account

  4. Building an emergency fund

  5. Paying off high-interest debt

Open a Business Checking and Savings Account

Here are a few reasons it is important to open Business Checking and Business Savings Accounts for your business:

1. Separation of personal and business finances: By having separate accounts for personal and business finances, an esthetician can keep track of income and expenses more effectively. This separation makes it easier to manage taxes, track business expenses, and maintain financial records accurately.

2. Professionalism: Having dedicated business accounts adds a level of professionalism to the esthetician's business. It shows clients and vendors that the esthetician takes their business seriously and is committed to professional practices.

3. Financial organization: Checking and savings accounts provide a structured way to organize finances. The checking account can be used for day-to-day transactions such as paying bills, purchasing supplies, and receiving payments from clients, while the savings account can be used to set aside funds for gift cars sales, taxes, emergencies, unexpected expenses and future business investments.

4. Access to banking services: Business accounts often come with additional banking services tailored to business needs, such as competitive rates for merchant services to accept credit card payments, online banking platforms for managing transactions remotely, and business credit cards for making business-related purchases.

5. Building credit history: Opening a business checking account and responsibly managing it can help establish a separate credit history for the business. This can be beneficial when applying for business loans, lines of credit, or other forms of financing in the future.

6. Business Banker Relationship: Establish a relationship with your Business Banker. This person can be an amazing resource for networking, identifying the best financial products and services and may even be able to refer clients or become a client themselves!

Build an Emergency Fund

Three reasons why Estheticians need to build an Emergency Fund:

1. Financial Stability in Times of Crisis: Emergencies can arise unexpectedly, such as unexpected expenses, equipment repairs, or a sudden drop in clientele. An emergency fund provides a financial safety net to cover unforeseen costs without an interruption in business operations or draw on personal finances.

2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that there's a financial cushion in place can alleviate stress and anxiety related to potential emergencies. It allows estheticians to focus on providing quality services to their clients without worrying excessively about financial setbacks.

3. Business Continuity: In the event of an emergency, having funds readily available can help the esthetician keep the business running smoothly. Whether it's covering rent, utilities, or other essential expenses, having an emergency fund ensures that the business can continue operating during challenging times.

How to begin an Emergency Fund:

  1. Create a good habit. Begin with an automatic transfer amount of at least $25 per week with a goal of $1,000. You may add unexpected money from tips or other resources to reach the goal. You can reach this goal in 10 months...or less!

  2. Once you reach the goal of $1,000, use the Monthly $100 to pay off high-interest credit cards OR continue to the stretch goal of $5,000 emergency savings.

I hope these tips are helpful to support your financial goals! Take the poll to let me know where you stand:

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